My name is Jan, I am an engineer.

I created this website to showcase some of the things I have done up to now, both professionally and in my free-time.

In July 2016 I moved to Hong Kong, where I am now pursuing my MBA at HKUST. From time to time, I plan to write down and share my experiences here.

Professionally, I am responsible for the technology at the Phi Suea House project in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I have realised the world’s first solar powered hydrogen energy storage multi-house residence – the energy system is completely off the grid, storing excess energy from photovoltaics in the form of hydrogen produced by water electrolysis and then using this hydrogen in fuel cells to power the houses when the sun goes down.

In addition, I am also responsible for home automation, lighting, and other electrical systems for CNX Construction and I have created content for various marketing and technical posters, videos, and presentation.

I have a 1st class Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK, and I like to study languages – please also check out my Chinese and Thai pages.

So far, I have called four different countries (Germany, Thailand, UK, and Taiwan) home, and I have many fantastic travel tips that I would be happy to share with anyone.

If you have any comments about anything on this page, or you are curious to know more, please do get in touch!

"When we learn how to store electricity, we will cease being apes ourselves: until then we are tailless orangutans. You see, we should utilize natural forces and thus get all of our power. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy. 
Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property.
There must surely come a time when heat and power will be stored in unlimited quantities in every community, all gathered by natural forces. Electricity ought to be as cheap as oxygen…"

                                                                                             Thomas Edison, 1910, Interview in Elbert Hubbard’s Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great