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User Report on the first 16 months using hydrogen based energy storage in a multi-house compound

Based on data from May 2015 until July 2016

I have designed and implemented the energy system at the Phi Suea House project. It is the first project in the world to utilise a solar-hydrogen energy system for a multi-house residence, and as such it was very important for us to maximise the knowledge gained from our experiences. I have collected monitoring data of all machines since the beginning of the testing phase in early 2015 all the way up to now and have summarised our experience and findings in a technical user report. The report details the inner workings and highlights successes and shortcomings of the particular system installed at the Phi Suea House.

With the support of my colleagues from CNX Creative, we have also compiled a report summarising the media coverage about the Phi Suea House project and reach thereof.

Both reports can be found in the download section on the project website here: www.phisueahouse.com